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Elections 2012 in 24 hours !!!

In exactly twenty four (24) hours, my great nation, Ghana will be at the polls to elects its president and members of parliament.

The elections no doubt will be a peaceful and calm one. Yesterday, Tuesday 5th December was the final day for open campaigns.

The battle lines have been drawn now and all what I have to say to everyone is, respect the electoral laws, get out there and vote and make your voice heard because your vote is your voice.

If you are socially inclined you can follow these blogs for up to date information on the election with respect to up to the minute facts, results and activities on the election day.

You can also follow these hash tags on twitter : #GhanaDecides #OurVoteOurVoice #LetsVote #Elections2012.

Ghana : Freedom and Justice. God bless our homeland Ghana.


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No Light No Vote !!

Elections 2012

People of Akorley off the Somanya – Dodowa road are peeved !!! Their message, “No Lights No Vote”.

I happened to find myself in this town when i attended a friend’s engagement and wedding ceremonies. The people are predominantly Mango ( What we call in Ghana ‘SALO’) farmers. Their land as i was told is a very fertile one of which any plant yields with high bearings when cultivation is due.

This is a town that on any day, sees rain twice everyday, no wonder the evidence was clear to see as a friend took me round a vast mango farm with the leaves very very green and fresh.

My friend’s uncle told me, there were vast lands available for which if anyone needed could come see the overseers of the land though he made it clear that, it had to be for developmental projects or for farming purposes.

So i asked, why the chanting out of the No Light No Vote ? And he’s response was simple – “We have been neglected for far too long and we need to be recognized since we also form part of the Yilo Krobo District”.

I also asked whether they’ve channelled their grievances to the respected authorities? The answer was in the affirmative and to add to what the middle aged man said in his own words – “Plenty plenty ‘tams’ (times)”.

As to how serious they were in this plea or threat, whichever way you might want to describe it, i was dared to come around during the December elections to see for myself if what they are pushing is a mere fluke in relation to what they are agitating for is not met.

Well lets see how it goes : i will try and link up with the folks there hopefully in a few weeks before the general elections to find out whether there’s been some level of progress in their quest for them to have electricity or light as the say they want.

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