Internet Addiction Alarms- An alert !!

You know concerns about internet addiction are real when the people whose job is to get us addicted to the internet are worried. No one less than Stuart Crabb, a director in Facebook’s executive offices who oversees learning and development, is urging users to do the unthinkable: Log off, shut down the machine (or at least put it on sleep) and go do something involving the real world and real people.

Others in the tech community with similar views are Soren Gordhamer, founder of Wisdom 2.0 which holds an annual conference about finding balance in the digital age, and Padmasree Warrior, the chief technology and strategy officer and former head of engineering at Cisco. Gordhamer speaks of us being “done with this honeymoon age” of untrammeled tech-love. Warrior says that she meditates every night and spends her Saturday painting and writing poetry while “turning off her phone or leaving it in the other room”; it is “almost like a reboot for your brain and your soul,” she says.

Indeed, at the Wisdom 2.0 conference in February, amid sessions on yoga and mindfulness, leaders and executives from all the big tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Zynga, PayPal, Google, Microsoft and Cisco) “debated whether technology firms had a responsibility to consider their collective power to lure consumers to games or activities that waste time or distract them.”

I’m not sure if tech leaders see it this way, but it seems they are presenting themselves with an ethical conundrum that, rationalize as they will, they may not be able to extricate themselves from any more readily than tobacco companies can disassociate themselves from cigarette addiction (which internet addiction has been compared to). Eric Schiermeyer, a co-founder of onling game company Zynga, makes the case that Silicon Valley is “no more responsible for creating irresistible technologies than, say, fast-food restaurants were responsible for making food with such wide appeal.” It’s a similar argument heard from, for instance, fast-food companies or soft drink makers about bans on their products: They’re just making what they make; if consumers want to consume things they know aren’t good for them, they are free to do so and to suffer the consequences.

Other members of the tech community — aware of reports about how people now spend 28 percent of their office time on email — urge people to be, indeed, mindful about the “addictive properties” of gadgets.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the authoritative reference book for psychiatric disorders, is planning to include “Internet use disorder” in the appendix of its next edition, a sign that the American Psychiatric Association thinks that such a condition may exist and merits further study. Even if “internet addition” does not become a full-fledged psychiatric disorder, the side effects of engrossment in the internet, computers and gadgets including poor nutrition, “cyber shakes,” headaches and other symptoms are more and more noted.

Small wonder that a school that does not at all embrace technology is populated with the children of Silicon Valley workers. Mindful of the dangers of electronic devices, we can, perhaps, teach future generations about their limits as much as about their powers and make sure children are deeply aware of the marvels of the good old-fashioned real world.

Found it an interestingImage piece to post here on my blog.

Original post by : Kristina Chew ( @autismvox )

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TECHNOLOGY AND GOVERNANCE – “Parliamentary Listen-In”

Governance they say is a combined area of focus. It can sometimes be concluded as a process. Thus understanding governance requires an identification of rulers and rules as well as the processes by which they are selected, defined, and linked together and with the society generally.

Technology as a tool, considering all the forms that will be, have been embraced by many as the way to promote good governance hence an upright democratic dispensation.

One arm of government which seems distant from the people, but in real terms, that should be much closer, is the Parliament of Ghana. The lobby allocated for them is not enough for a lot of people to attend and witness sessions. Another issue is that of people not so much interested in the day-to-day dealing of our lawmakers; rather agitate on their representative lawmakers for developmental projects in their area. Also proceedings in the house are given little media coverage and where there is some level of coverage; the time allotted is sometimes not appreciable.

Today, there is widespread recognition of the importance of transparency to national development. A consensus is emerging among development specialists that, development failure is directly correlated to lack of Media Freedoms. In light of these technology is much needed to help bring the rulers and rules to a much closer point.

Listen- In Technology&Governance

A few platforms are opening up by the help of technology. One of them is where now you can have full access to the Parliament of Ghana, through a platform called, “PARLIAMENTARY LISTEN-IN”. This is a platform where Ghanaians can have full access of how and what goes on in the house by connecting through certain approved call lines whether you are in Ghana or abroad. I have tried this platform and the sound quality is very clear and serene. The avenue platforms are jam free so you get to join the feed easily and hustle free. I recommend this platform as the general elections approaches and beyond. I will be attaching a photo-tag to this post so you want to try it out.


Samuel Menya Kissiedu –

Seth Laryea

Forum Networks Limited

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Africa’s Action Man in the West

Africa’s Action Man in the West

Acting in a good number of all the Spartacus Series, he recently took up a recurring role in the Season 5 of the series True Blood.

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“With any of these big m…

“With any of these big media groups, you fall out with them and you watch out, because it is literally relentless and unremitting once that happens.”
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, at the UK phone hacking inquiry.

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Lagos Plane Crash !!

Barely a few hours after its neigbouring country expereinced  a case of a cargo plane crashing into a passenger vehicle, Nigeria’s biggest city has suffered another plane crash.

The plane which belongs to Dana Airlines was said to be carrying about 152 people on board when the said incident happened. It crashed at the Iju/Ishaga area of Lagos. Passengers are reported to be  burning and as at the time of posting this rescue team were on their way to help salvage the situation at hand.

Hope they are able to save more lives to prevent more lives being lost. For the families who will later here the news of their beloved, lost through this crash, is wished the best of our condolences as a country Ghana and as a blogger.

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Why Do You Work Hard in Your Small Business?

Have you ever thought about why we work?  Obviously, food, shelter, and other necessities are one answer.  But beyond that, why do we work?

“Work  = Life” is the title of my favorite chapter in Jim McCann’s book, Stop And Sell The Roses.  How do you feel about that philosophy?  Work = Life.  To help put this idea in perspective, let’s substitute “work” with some sexier words:

Money = Life
House = Life
Car = Life
Boat = Life
Jewelry = Life
Cruise = Life

As nice as these things may be, as a philosophy of life, they just don’t have that “reason for being” impact do they?!  Now try these:

Productivity = Life
Service = Life
Creativity = Life
Innovation = Life
Challenge = Life
Contribution = Life

Much better, don’t you think?!  These words create a more appealing perspective on why we go to work every day, don’t they?!

Money and stuff are just a way to keep score.  Work = Life

Credit :

Small Business Notes

Jim McCann – Stop and Sell Roses

For the pocket of notes you gave me.

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I found myself relaxing behind my computerr and decided to do some social networking, so i decided to log unto Twitter.

I happen to follow these two personalities Piers Morgan and Ghana’s prodigy Emmanuel Frimpong. The common factor here between  these two personalites is Arsenal Football Club. Whiles one is an ardent fan, the other is a lover  and player of this club.

I am sure you will be wondering why all these comments in relation to the title but for the reasons, i will outline them in a few lines.

It all begun with these statements posted by Piers Morgan and from nowhere Emmanuel Frimpong had to reply him. Seems those comments angered the young man.

These are the tweets that sparked the whole give and take between Piers and Emmanuel

As for #Arsenal ‘s latest debacle – I said Martin O’Neill could replace Wenger months ago, and got ridiculed for it. Who’s laughing now?

The ‘Wenger must have job for life’ brigade are looking more ruinous to #Arsenal ‘s future by the day. Wake up, before it’s too late.

I respect Wenger’s record for us as much as anyone. But he’s run out of ideas, and we’ve run out of trophies. Time for change. #Arsenal

New manager now can give the team the kick up the a** it needs, get 4th place, keep @Persie_Official and rebuild for the future. #Arsenal

Who could replace Wenger? Mourinho, Guardiola, O’Neill, Redknapp. There’s 4 for starters.

Let me spell it out for the few blinkered #Arsenal fans still giving me grief: without @Persie_Official ‘s goals, we’d be 15th in the Prem.

And if we don’t qualify for CL, as seems likely right now, then@Persie_Official will leave. Fact. And then what? #Arsenal

Better Wenger leaves now, while we all still love and respect him, than watch this horrible deterioration get worse and worse. #Arsenal

From these comments Emmanuel Frimpong then begun to rage his anger and in no formular just follow how the battle ensued between these two.

Here are the post over the period by Emmanuel frimpong in response to Piers’ comments;

@piersmorgan Stop chatting soo much rubbish you. UNO nothing about football u sit behind ur laptop nd just talk utter rubbish

@piersmorgan just don’t bring ur ugly face to the emirates cus we as Arsenal are sick and tired of ur abuse towards players and coach

@piersmorgan we don’t need ur support u better of reading script leave the football to ppl that no about it. Wasteman

@piersmorgan it still amazes me u call urself a fan? A fan don’t doesn’t do the things u do.the fans are the ppl that travels thousands of

@piersmorgan miles every weekend to support their team fans are the 60,000 people we have every sat fans don’t turn their back on their team

@piersmorgan so yes piers you ain’t a fan u just some big old school bully that has too much time on twitter now u go bed wake up early 2 read

@piersmorgan Loyal?? Well in football you have bad and good times the LOYAL fans are the one that remember the Good times And wait for More.

@piersmorgan when was your last game at the emirates? Instead of the Internet. What have u ever done for Arsenal in 42 years? Nothing

@piersmorgan ur entitled opinion of course u r but there are ways of doing it and telling your 2million followers rubbish we don’t need ain’t class

And looking at how Piers is and his personality, his comments in response to Emmanuel are as follows;

@Frimpong26AFC Oh really, Mr Frimpon? Well truth hurts, sunshine. And I’m not afraid to tell it. (you can’t even get in THIS #Arsenal team)

@Frimpong26AFC pipe down Junior, and go to bed. I’ve been following #Arsenal for 42 years – twice as long than you’ve been born.

@Frimpong26AFC Big words, big guy. I suggest you focus on improving your game – rather than abusing loyal fans. Most of whom agree with me.

I actually like @Frimpong26AFC and his passion – but his youthful arrogance and complacency sums up #Arsenal ‘s malaise.

@Frimpong26AFC I’ve followed #Arsenal for 42yrs and own 4 season tickets. That entitles me to an opinion. Which is: we need a new manager.

@Frimpong26AFC you’re so loyal to #Arsenal you went to Wolves. So put a DEEENNCH in it and stop pandering to the blinkered minority.

@Frimpong26AFC I’ve supported them. Nothing more, nothing less. And I want us to be competitive again, not perennial losers. #Arsenal

@Frimpong26AFC you started this by abusing a die hard fan who cares about his team. That demeans you Emmanuel, and I thought better of you.

@Frimpong26AFC I genuinely believe it’s time Arsene moved on, and we had fresh blood as manager. I am not alone. #Arsenal

Well i find it interesting and not really obliged to render a conclusion on this because i think after reading, whatever comment or meanings, as well as observation, depends on yourself.

Happy Leap Day/Year ..!!




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As the New Year begun, of which mine was on a very sad note, nothing really came to mind for me to blog on since I have been taken over by my mourning state.

None the less I thought of rather doing what I call a year gone by, world issues that were topical around this time of the year say January, 2011. Hope that this new year of 2012 brings each and everyone on this planet earth, the very best of life.

My first issue which I want to mention is that of the Australian Floods. According to history it was one of the worse to have happened in the country where damage from the floods would cost millions of dollars to repair the damage it has caused. If you could remember, the airports were closed; the Royal Australian Air Force was brought in to deliver emergency accommodation for the evacuated residents. One good news I picked up from the floods, was there were a number of breakthrough rescues. A year gone and will want to ask if such residents affected are at least better in terms of livelihood and living standards.

I am sure the Beijing conference sometime back may at least boast their input in urging women to aspire to higher positions of their motherlands. Not surprising I guess, to them, would be when Brazil inaugurated Dilma Rousseff as President and not just any ordinary president, but the first woman president. She took over from as I picked up her mentor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who stepped down after two terms. After taking her oath of office, she vowed to consolidate the work of her predecessor who she said changed the way Brazil was governed. Also she promised to protect the most vulnerable in the Brazilian society and govern them all. Is she still stuck to her promise? I ask.

Another issue that can’t easily escape my mind is that of the aftermath of elections in the West African Sate of Cote d’ Ivoire. My take is from the period where the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo rejected a deadline for him to step down but rather going ahead to say the international community was trying to stage a coup against him and that the country could face even greater violence if he were to leave office. All this came about when, Mr Ouattara was initially proclaimed the winner by Ivory Coast’s election commission, but the Constitutional Council said Mr Gbagbo had won. Well we all know what happened after that. Is the country painted with more violence or it’s calmer. I pray for peace in Africa especially after election periods.

I am wondering if most of you reading this article, would remember the caption “AMA fights tiGo over business operating permit”. This was also an issue that took root and wondering if it’s been fully resolved as I post this up. Well the dispute between them was over the payment of the company’s outstanding business operating permit levy which was far from over. The AMA even went ahead and threatened legal action against Millicom operators of tiGo. Well this issue led to a whole lot of scuffles which resulted in the arrest of security workers of Millicom, Millicom also destroying padlocks of the AMA, and a whole lot more.

Of course there were a whole lot of news that made rounds around this time last year, but one of them that really caught me of guard was the handshake between Chavez and Clinton amid the diplomatic tension. The handshake was between of course President Hugo Chavez and USA Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the inauguration of the Brazilian new president Dilma Rousseff. According to the footage, they smiled and chatted amicably despite the tension between the two countries. This came up as Venezuela refused to accept the nomination of the new US Ambassador to Caracas because of comments he made against the country earlier. This led to Washington also revoking the visa of the Venezuelan Ambassador to the USA. The two countries have long had reduced contacts due to the antagonism fed by Mr. Chavez’s condemnations of the US and the US State Department’s criticisms of democracy in Venezuela. We wait for the day that all shall be dropped and peace among these two countries be promoted.

I will end here since I am sure you also have stories that were topical around this time of the year in 2011.

I take this opportunity to ask each and every Ghanaian to be circumspect of real issues and avoid any form of violence as the elections approach. We have been the eye of the world due to our democratic dispensation, so we must uphold this virtue and all shall be well.

Thank you for reading.


Daily Graphic



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On a fine Saturday, i decided to talk a stroll of which place i was going to not known. I then  dressed up and called a friend and decided to just hit town. We met at a central location and then decided to hit one of the Traditional Suburbs of the capital Accra, Ghana.

We enjoyed our outlined walks through  the township, meeting and talking to young people, children alike. Though our appearance drew a few attention, people around saw it as normal and went ahead in their normal duties and livelihood.

As we continued in our quest to explore the township, we took a turn and there we were in a surburb called Jamestown. Aside this area known for its good dancing skills, they were also blessed with a few national soccer stars.

Little did we know that, Jamestown was endowed with the talent of boxing. As we took a few steps, there we saw a large gathering of people. So we decided to approach and there we were, An improvised boxing ring created in a circle form by both passer bys and onlookers.

It was a boxing torunament for children. My reaason for this is that, at that young and tender age a dream is born and children at say age two are given the very basic lessons and rudements of the sport.

The child is taught how to jab, hit a knock out blow, block and how to move step which all forms part of the basic things one needs to be better developed in the sport of boxing. So i asked who organised this and how often, i was shown the organiser of whom was also a young man and he told me this is where it all begins. I asked him again, why such young kids, he told me these are children who are convinced to be world champions of the sport when they are grown.

He gave me example of names that had begun like this and later became world champions and household names of the sport. Names like Azumah Nelson, Ike Quartey, Alfred Kotey and many more that had to do street boxing battles.

All he told me in summary was, this is where the dream all starts.

For my observation, talent abounds in this great nation of ours and if the required stakeholders will go way down to the grassroots level and improve the basic facilities needed, wee should be counting more and more world champions in the near future.


Credits :


Sarah Adobea

Nii Armah

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I woke up feeling all down and out and decided to find something interesting to do to kill the state of mood i was finding myself. I then decided to log onto the internet and just read just anything anything.

I opened my google browser and decided to read about just anything and what came to mind immidiately was that of about eagles, i then therefore asked what about eagles and decided to read about how great and it’s strength. Below i found a very interesting piece and i decided to share with you all so i hope you enjoy reading.

But beforeyou read the full article, look at this reference about the bird Eagle;

The eagle is capable of living for an extraordinary length of time without food. The bird that belonged to Mr. Holland was at one time, through the neglect of servants, suffered to remain without food for twenty-one days. Redi also mentions that he kept two of the same species alive, one for twenty-eight, and the other for twenty-one days, without any food whatever. Another that was caught in a fox-trap refused food for five weeks after its capture, and was then killed.

The great strength of the eagle lies chiefly in its beak, talons, and wings, and there is scarcely any animal that is a match for it. A single stroke of an eagle’s wing has been known to strike a man dead on the spot. All the proper eagles dislike carrion, in which they are distinguished from the vultures. They like no prey but that which they take for themselves, and they devour it while fresh. They usually carry their prey entire to their eyrie and there devour it. They are capable of carrying animals nearly as heavy as themselves to a great distance,–sometimes as much as forty miles. but, when they have killed a calf or deer, they satiate themselves upon the spot, and carry away choice pieces only to their young. The different species vary in their food. Some pounce on fish, others confine themselves to reptiles and insects, while some prey on the smaller quadrupeds and birds. According to Spallanzani, eagles have a decided aversion to bread, and refuse to eat it even after long fasting. Nevertheless, then forced into their stomach, it is digested like any other aliment. It is said that they never drink water, and it is certain that they can dispense with it for a great length of time. yet, when it is presented to them, they plunge and bathe in it, and even drink it like other birds.

The great eagle is very destructive to lambs, young deer, kids, hares, poultry, &c. Low, in his ‘Fauna Orcadensis,’ says, that they do not abstain from port in the Orkneys, but occasionally seize both old and young swine. A clergyman told him that he had seen one, mounted in the air, with a pretty large pig in her talons, which she let fall alive when he fired at her. Martin, in his ‘Description of the Western Island of Scotland,’ published in 1716, speaking of this bird, says:–“The eagles are very destructive to the fawns and lambs. The natives observe that it fixes its talons between the deer’s horns, and beats its wings constantly about its eyes, which puts the deer to run continually till it falls into a ditch or over a precipice, where it dies, and so becomes a prey to this cunning hunter. There are at the same time several other eagles of this kind, which fly on both sides of the deer, which fright it exceedingly, and contribute much to its more sudden destruction.”

We rather doubt the latter portion of this statement, which describes several eagles as uniting their exertions against the deer; as we do not remember to have met with any other instance of more than a single pair hunting together. The eagle never engages in a perfectly solitary chace, except when the female is confined to her eggs or her young. At that season the proper prey of these eagles is generally so abundant that the male is able to provide for his own wants and those of the family without the assistance of the female. At other times they unite their exertions, and are always seen either together or only at a short distance from each other. It is said that the one beats the bushes while the other, perched on an eminence, watches the escape of the prey.

Pennant adds his authority to the former part of Martin’s statement, and says that the eagles in the island of Rum have nearly extirpated the deer that used to abound there. He also states that eagles seem to give a preference to the carcases of cats and dogs. “Persons who make it their business to kill these birds lay that of one or other by way of bait, and then conceal themselves within gun-shot. They fire the instant the eagle alights, for she that moment looks about before she begins to prey.”

Martin, in the work just quoted, relates the following anecdote; and one very similar is also related by Sir Robert Sibbald. “There’s a couple of large eagles who have their nest on the north end of the isle [St. Kilda]. The inhabitants told me that they commonly make their purchase in the adjacent isles and continent, and never take so much as a lamb or hen from the place of their abode, where they propagate their kind. I forgot to mention a singular providence that happended to a native of the isle of Skie, called Neil, who, when an infant, was left by his mother in the field, not far from the houses on the north side of Loch-Portrie; an eagle came in the mean time and carried him away in its talons as far as the south side of the loch, and there laid him on the ground. Some people that were herding sheep there perceived it, and hearing the infant cry, ran immediately to its rescue; and by good providence found him untouched by the eagle, and carried him home to his mother. He is still living in that parish, and by reason of this accident is distinguished among his neighbours by the sirname of Eagle.” Ray mentions an instance of a child a year old being seized by an eagle in one of the Orkneys and carried to the eyry, about four miles distant. But the mother, who was aware of its situation, pursued the bird thither, found her child in the nest, and took it home unhurt. It is not improbable that some similar circumstance gave rise to the impression of an eagle and child on the coin of the Isle of Man.

Other parents have been less fortunate in rescuing their children from the power of the eagle. The following instance is from Landt’s ‘Description of the Feroe Islands:’–“The white-tailed eagle built its nest formerly on Tintholm, where some ruins of houses still show that a family once resided. The eagle one day darted down on a young child, which was lying at a little distance from its mother, and carried it to its nest. The mother hastened to the rock where the nest was constructed, and which is so steep towards the summit that the most experienced and boldest bird-catchers have never endured to climb up it; but the poor woman arrived too late, for the child was already dead, and its eyes torn out.” Another instance occurred in the parish of Norderhougs in Norway, in 1737. As a boy, upwards to two years of age, was running from the house to his parents, who were at work in the fields at no great distance, an eagle pounced upon him and carried him off in their sight, in spite of the poor little fellow’s screams and efforts. it is even stated by Anderson, in his ‘History of Iceland,’ that the same unhappy fate has occasionally in that island befallen children of four or five years of age.

We give no opinion as to the truth of these statements: but it is right to consider that the great eagle certainly does assail animals more vigorous and bulky than a little child; and when, therefore, there is any good evidence, we see no reason for being incredulous in this matter.

In consequence of their rapacious habits, and the injury which they did to the inhabitants by destroying their cattle, they were formerly proscribed in Orkney. In the old acts of the country is found the following, which we quote as given in Low’s ‘Fauna Orcadensis:’–“Anent slaying of the earne*. Apud Kirkwal, decimo die Decembris, anno 1625. The qlk day it is statute and ordained be Thomas Buchannan, sheriff-deput of Orkney, with consent of the gentlemen and suiters of the court, being put for the tyme, that whatsoever persone or persones shall slay the earne or eagle shall have of the bailzie of the parochine, qr it shall happen him to slay the earne or eagle, viiid.** for every rick within the parochine, except of the cottars who has not sheip; and xxs.† to ilk persone for ilk earne’s nest it shall happen him to herrie; and they shall put the same to the bailzie, and the bailzie shall be holden to present the head of the said earne at the heat court.”

The quantity of provision found near the nest described by Willughby, will give some notion of the devastations committed by the larger eagles. Smith, in his ‘History of Kerry,’ relates that a poor man in that country got a comfortable subsistence for his family, during a summer of dearth, out of an eagle’s nest, by robbing the eaglets of the good brought by the old ones, whose attendance on their young he contrived to prolong beyond the usual time by clipping the wings of the eaglets, and thus retarding their flight; as also by binding them so as to increase their cries, and thus stimulate the exertions of the old ones in supplying their wants. It was well for him that the parents did not happen to discover him while thus occupied, or the consequences might not have been very pleasant. Another Irish peasant, who had determined to rob an eagle’s nest on one of the islands in the lake of Killarney, was less fortunate in his undertaking. He swam over when the old birds were gone, and secured the young birds; but on his return, and while up to the chin in water, the old ones fell upon him, killed him by their terrible pounces at this head, and rescued their offspring.

It is related in the life of De Thou, the historian, that when himself and Monsieur Schomberg were passing through part of France on an embassy from Henry III. to the king of Navarre, they were entertained for some days at Mande, the seat of the Bishop and Count of Gevaudan. At the first repast, it was observed with some surprise, that all the wild-fowl or game brought to table wanted either a head, or wing, a leg, or some other part, which occasioned their host pleasantly to apologize for the voracity of his caterer, who always took the liberty of first tasting what he had procured before it was brought to table. On perceiving the increased surprise of his guests, he informed them that in the mountainous regions of that district the eagles were accustomed to build their eyries among the almost inaccessible rocks, which can only be ascended by ladders and grappling-irons. The peasants, however, when they have discovered a nest, erect a small hut at the foot of the rock, in which to shelter themselves from the fury of the birds when they convey provisions to their young; as also to watch the times of their departure from the nest. When this happens, they immediately plant their ladders, climb the rocks, and carry off what the eagles have conveyed to their young, substituting the entrails of animals and other offal. The prey has generally been mutilated by the young eagles before the men can get at it; but in compensation for this disadvantage, it has a much finer flavour than any thing the markets can afford. He added, that when the young eagles have acquired strength enough to fly, the shepherds fasten them to the nest, that the parent birds may continue to supply them the longer with food. Three or four eagles’

nests were in this way sufficient to furnish a splended table throughout the year; and so far from murmuring at the ravages of the eagles, he thought himself very happy in being situated in their neighbourhood, and reckoned every eyrie as a kind of annual rent.

Eagles are remarkable for their longevity. Keysler mentions an eagle that died at Vienna after a confinement of 104 years. A golden eagle is mentioned by Pennant which was nine years in the possession of Owen Holland, Esq., having previously lived thirty-two years with the gentleman from whom he received it; but what was its age when it came into the possession of the latter person is not known. Some writers state that the death of the old eagle is hastened by the increased curvature of the beak, which prevents them from taking their food any longer; but we have no evidence of this. In old age individuals of this species become more or less hoary, or partially of a pure white. Similar changes are induced by disease or by prolonged captivity or hunger.

I am sure you enjoyed reading and also educated yourself  little for the day.






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