Gone But Not Forgotten – A Year On

It was and is still a sad day to remember, hearts were broken, eyes were filled with tears.

Damirifa Due

Damirifa Due

This day a year ago, you left nothing but sorrow. Our state of livelihood changed, thoughts were tattered and one could not bare to the fact that you were no more.

DEATH they say is a separation from the physical to the spiritual. You departed from us to join your maker and I believe the Almighty is still keeping your soul and we are here also taking very good care of all that you left behind.

Personally I really miss you and will always cherish you because you were a believer in me and always gave me that urge to take the next step.

You always pitched in the right words any time I felt I was in a crisis mode of a sort.

I still hold those words you told me, barely two weeks before you left us to be with the Lord.

Words alone cannot bring you back but I believe that you are safe where you are now. The Almighty will continue to keep you safe and we shall also take up the mantle of continuing whatever you’ve tasked us to.

Demerifa due Akosua Becky ( as I affectionately call her) Nyame nkura wo kra 3nkosi wiase awiey3. We mourn no more!!

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