TECHNOLOGY AND GOVERNANCE – “Parliamentary Listen-In”

Governance they say is a combined area of focus. It can sometimes be concluded as a process. Thus understanding governance requires an identification of rulers and rules as well as the processes by which they are selected, defined, and linked together and with the society generally.

Technology as a tool, considering all the forms that will be, have been embraced by many as the way to promote good governance hence an upright democratic dispensation.

One arm of government which seems distant from the people, but in real terms, that should be much closer, is the Parliament of Ghana. The lobby allocated for them is not enough for a lot of people to attend and witness sessions. Another issue is that of people not so much interested in the day-to-day dealing of our lawmakers; rather agitate on their representative lawmakers for developmental projects in their area. Also proceedings in the house are given little media coverage and where there is some level of coverage; the time allotted is sometimes not appreciable.

Today, there is widespread recognition of the importance of transparency to national development. A consensus is emerging among development specialists that, development failure is directly correlated to lack of Media Freedoms. In light of these technology is much needed to help bring the rulers and rules to a much closer point.

Listen- In Technology&Governance

A few platforms are opening up by the help of technology. One of them is where now you can have full access to the Parliament of Ghana, through a platform called, “PARLIAMENTARY LISTEN-IN”. This is a platform where Ghanaians can have full access of how and what goes on in the house by connecting through certain approved call lines whether you are in Ghana or abroad. I have tried this platform and the sound quality is very clear and serene. The avenue platforms are jam free so you get to join the feed easily and hustle free. I recommend this platform as the general elections approaches and beyond. I will be attaching a photo-tag to this post so you want to try it out.


Samuel Menya Kissiedu –

Seth Laryea

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One thought on “TECHNOLOGY AND GOVERNANCE – “Parliamentary Listen-In”

  1. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

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