I found myself relaxing behind my computerr and decided to do some social networking, so i decided to log unto Twitter.

I happen to follow these two personalities Piers Morgan and Ghana’s prodigy Emmanuel Frimpong. The common factor here between  these two personalites is Arsenal Football Club. Whiles one is an ardent fan, the other is a lover  and player of this club.

I am sure you will be wondering why all these comments in relation to the title but for the reasons, i will outline them in a few lines.

It all begun with these statements posted by Piers Morgan and from nowhere Emmanuel Frimpong had to reply him. Seems those comments angered the young man.

These are the tweets that sparked the whole give and take between Piers and Emmanuel

As for #Arsenal ‘s latest debacle – I said Martin O’Neill could replace Wenger months ago, and got ridiculed for it. Who’s laughing now?

The ‘Wenger must have job for life’ brigade are looking more ruinous to #Arsenal ‘s future by the day. Wake up, before it’s too late.

I respect Wenger’s record for us as much as anyone. But he’s run out of ideas, and we’ve run out of trophies. Time for change. #Arsenal

New manager now can give the team the kick up the a** it needs, get 4th place, keep @Persie_Official and rebuild for the future. #Arsenal

Who could replace Wenger? Mourinho, Guardiola, O’Neill, Redknapp. There’s 4 for starters.

Let me spell it out for the few blinkered #Arsenal fans still giving me grief: without @Persie_Official ‘s goals, we’d be 15th in the Prem.

And if we don’t qualify for CL, as seems likely right now, then@Persie_Official will leave. Fact. And then what? #Arsenal

Better Wenger leaves now, while we all still love and respect him, than watch this horrible deterioration get worse and worse. #Arsenal

From these comments Emmanuel Frimpong then begun to rage his anger and in no formular just follow how the battle ensued between these two.

Here are the post over the period by Emmanuel frimpong in response to Piers’ comments;

@piersmorgan Stop chatting soo much rubbish you. UNO nothing about football u sit behind ur laptop nd just talk utter rubbish

@piersmorgan just don’t bring ur ugly face to the emirates cus we as Arsenal are sick and tired of ur abuse towards players and coach

@piersmorgan we don’t need ur support u better of reading script leave the football to ppl that no about it. Wasteman

@piersmorgan it still amazes me u call urself a fan? A fan don’t doesn’t do the things u do.the fans are the ppl that travels thousands of

@piersmorgan miles every weekend to support their team fans are the 60,000 people we have every sat fans don’t turn their back on their team

@piersmorgan so yes piers you ain’t a fan u just some big old school bully that has too much time on twitter now u go bed wake up early 2 read

@piersmorgan Loyal?? Well in football you have bad and good times the LOYAL fans are the one that remember the Good times And wait for More.

@piersmorgan when was your last game at the emirates? Instead of the Internet. What have u ever done for Arsenal in 42 years? Nothing

@piersmorgan ur entitled opinion of course u r but there are ways of doing it and telling your 2million followers rubbish we don’t need ain’t class

And looking at how Piers is and his personality, his comments in response to Emmanuel are as follows;

@Frimpong26AFC Oh really, Mr Frimpon? Well truth hurts, sunshine. And I’m not afraid to tell it. (you can’t even get in THIS #Arsenal team)

@Frimpong26AFC pipe down Junior, and go to bed. I’ve been following #Arsenal for 42 years – twice as long than you’ve been born.

@Frimpong26AFC Big words, big guy. I suggest you focus on improving your game – rather than abusing loyal fans. Most of whom agree with me.

I actually like @Frimpong26AFC and his passion – but his youthful arrogance and complacency sums up #Arsenal ‘s malaise.

@Frimpong26AFC I’ve followed #Arsenal for 42yrs and own 4 season tickets. That entitles me to an opinion. Which is: we need a new manager.

@Frimpong26AFC you’re so loyal to #Arsenal you went to Wolves. So put a DEEENNCH in it and stop pandering to the blinkered minority.

@Frimpong26AFC I’ve supported them. Nothing more, nothing less. And I want us to be competitive again, not perennial losers. #Arsenal

@Frimpong26AFC you started this by abusing a die hard fan who cares about his team. That demeans you Emmanuel, and I thought better of you.

@Frimpong26AFC I genuinely believe it’s time Arsene moved on, and we had fresh blood as manager. I am not alone. #Arsenal

Well i find it interesting and not really obliged to render a conclusion on this because i think after reading, whatever comment or meanings, as well as observation, depends on yourself.

Happy Leap Day/Year ..!!




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  1. Kwabena

    Interesting but i think Emmanuel Frimpong should recognize the fact that he is young and should know when, what to say at any point. Maybe he has time on his hands to spare.
    Keep yourself busy man.

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