So are we going to be wasting our precious time all week talking about whether somebody deserves to be bought a house or paid rental allowances after his service to the nation?

What at all are our priorities as nation in this 21st century of business advancement and technological boom?

I wonder how the future holds for the youth if such issues like this are rather given much more credence and attention.

My reason for such agitation is that, most of the time i find it shocking how we can spend so much time on so-called topical issues of political background all week and sometimes weeks, which in real sense will not add to the development of the basic structures that will improve the normal standard of living of our beloved country Ghana.

I somtimes weep in my heart and fear how the future will look like if this is the direction our acclaimed democracy is tilted towards. the reason being that the youth pick up such little things and will rather improve on how it operates as generation has proven it to be.

I pray that we begin to understand what govrnance really means and which of the issues we should consider to talk about to effect the change that the citizens deserve.

The better we begin to be serious in this country the better. We seem to waste much much time on unnessary issues and waste all the precious week talking most of the time rubbish and very non factual claims to the issues.

I am but a citizen and all i can contribute at this level of my citizenry duties is to make use of this technology opportunity to talk and see if by the little i put up here on my blog, one day some level of change will come. I wish to see that day when in the morning hours of everyday my television and radio set will discus for the whole week developmental issues that will go a long way to improve the livelihood of the ordinary citizen that had to wake up at as early as 4 am to queue and vote for people to be leaders of this country Ghana.

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