As the saying goes, anything that has a beginning has an end and in the next few hours the international world of rugby lovers will have a new world champion to cheer.

One will not be too surprised to see New Zealand in the final but I can attest to the fact that they did not find it an easy journey this time round in making it to the final. New Zealand also known as the All Blacks had to battle the mighty and agility of the Wallabies ie New Australia to be able to make it through to the final of which they will be facing Les Bleus of France.

As a fan of the sport, I was very much impressed about the display of in depth quality portrayed by France especially in the quarter-final match against England. At one point in time in the game, France was leading the mighty England 12-0 and had already made in three tries and England had had no answer to that. What that really impressed me was France’s mid-field defense. It was a combative one and made little room for England to break through for a possible try attempt by England. They also took their chances at every try and scored missing just two of the kicks. England to me on that day was just found wanting at any attack and had lost their spark and agility in the game though they still had their guards very well at post.

France had to face Wales in the semi- final and one will want to argue that they were a bit favored in that match, but I will say they took the game to Wales from the blast of the whistle and that was what made them to be seen on top of the match. The turning point came when Wales’s team was down by one man after been shown the matching off order. With the strength of the French attackers, it made it a well game won.

So for the finale I am sure the world is yet to see another great game in this year’s competition. As an observer, my great game picks were that of the France versus England quarter-final game and the semi-final game played between Australia and New Zealand. That notwithstanding, the final game between France and New Zealand this weekend should be very mouth watering and will not want to miss it for anything.

Of course the All Blacks ie New Zealand should be tipped as the overwhelming favorites but be careful not to take France out since they have been the best improving team game after game and has became stronger and stronger after every game.

So which of the two teams or nations do you think will win the RUGBY WORLD CUP 2011 in New Zealand? Will it be another host and win again after following what South Africa did at the last World Cup?

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  1. bob

    New Zealand just scored =(

  2. Alle les France! Alle les France! Alle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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