In the light of a new day, one after being faced with the outlined daily task of duties will need relaxation and an immediate source of that is the radio and television. Soon one grabs the remote control or plugs in the radio fit for some sort of entertainment.

On this day I feel like playing the Francis Doku ‘write –alike’ on the situation of repetition on our media sets nowadays.

I tune in to watch some television programming and all what came up was a show that had been recorded over three months ago. One thing that came to mind was, because I watched the earlier recorded show was the set. This is due to the fact that there’s been a new set so I was quick to realize that, that was the old set and therefore a recorded program.

Thought that was enough so I tuned into another television channel and I was disappointed once again. Another repeated show was been screened and to my dismay, it wasn’t a local production of which one can say is a channel to out show or sell our depth in the local scene for such productions.

Being someone who needed a little entertainment to relax me, I felt disappointed and decided to turn my television off and try another medium. So I switched on my radio. Trying to find a radio station to listen to some music of which I love, I pounced on a talk program and the first thing I heard from the presenter before they started was that, this is a repeated broadcast of the previous show on a stated date.

This has become I think a frequent thing nowadays on our media houses of which the television industry or sector is the most affected. One will recognize aside the influx of foreign contents on our screens, we also go the extra mile to show repeated times again and again. So I ask, don’t they employ programs managers? If they do what are their task and what are those repeated time slots used for? Can’t the ones in-charge develop contents to fit in those slots than to repeat shows of about three months and even the current ones showing? There are so many questions to ask and some of these questions has been asked on several occasions but no solutions yet nor an improvement from these stations.

In observation, television stations that are frequent in the repetition game to mention but a few, E-TV Ghana. First they screen South African soaps which is repeated, their celebrity night show, revealed which is a sports show by Yaw Ampofo Ankrah screens like two or three months old on repeated slots. One can go on and on in relation to the above mention media house. You come in with the promise to deliver to the watching public total entertainment not to deliver total repetition.

Another media house that easily comes to mind is Viasat 1, they virtually repeat every program to even the news. I always wonder why they keep on repeating those shows. If there is a time allocated for a program and its screened, I am sure that if it’s of a good content people will make up the time to turn on their set to watch at the said time. The next culprit to such act is also TV3. For them I think its like the policy to repeat virtually every ‘Top’ program tagged by them where people watch even the live ones as compared the repeated episodes.

People will want to be entertained in diverse ways, and that is why they run a media house. To me I think there is less research from such media houses and not knowing which sector they should concentrate on. I am very sure that there are enough contents in the world that as a media house you can rely on to make your station an interesting one to watch. Likewise looking outside, there are young and budding talents who are developing local contents that they can support in their own small way to shake up the industry. But the deal is, such media houses won’t even look at such contents but will rather prefer ones of cultures not related to the culture and lifestyle setting of the country. So you find out that they go around having such small program build up therefore repetition of such shows and programs to cover the other free times.

Well as the saying goes, ‘everything big, starts small’, and with such inputs of suggestion and reviews to help draw attention the facts and problems, one can just hope that change one day will come. Whichever way it comes it shall be appreciated but all what we hope and wish for is that of positivity and the acceptance of our local contents. We can use them to fill our time slots at least for now, because if they are not of the standard, people will criticize them and by time their mistakes corrected, therefore by time quality should be assured.

I will cut it of here since it’s on my blog. We can continue the discussion anytime if you comment so we get to see how best to help our little media industry climbs the height that it deserves. As a concern nationalist such things bother me and I am sure many of such people. We will do our part by drawing the stakeholders attention if the need arises anytime.

Thank you.

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