As i sat by the television watching the US Open men’s final between the number one seed Novak Djokovic and the number 2 seed Rafael Nadal, it was obvious i was in for an interesting grand slam final.

No doubt i wasn’t surprised because it was all what a final between the top seeds of the sport could offer. In my own words this is how i reported the game from what i witnessed. I decided to blog as and when i was updating friends on both my Twitter handle and that of Facebook friends and this is how it all went.

My Commentary;

The #USopen Men’s Final is on between Djokovic and Nada number 1& 2 seeds respectively and it’s the 1st set and tied at 2, 2.

The final is really shaping up to be a very good one. Great crowd and hmm some cool celebrities around to grace it. #USOpen

Now 3 games to 2 of the 1st set in favour of the number 1 seed #Djokovic… game still on. #USOpenFinal

‎#Djokovic extends leads to 4 games to 2 in the 1st set. He is really looking awesome on the court.

I am having a huge feeling the number 1 seed #Djokovic will take this 1set over #Nadal. So sure!

Now the 1st set ends and i was right #Djokovic won it by 6 games to 2 against the number 2 seed #Nadal. We see how set 2 goes.#USOpenFinal

‎#Nadal serves to start 2nd set. #USOpenFinal

Djokovic 1 set up against Nadal in #usopen final by 6-2. Serbian has won 12 of 15 sets against Nasal this year. Dominance be what??

1st game of the 2nd set won by #Nadal and leading to even pick up the next game point.#USOpenFinal

2 games on for #Nadal against #Djokovic in the second set.#USOpenFinal

This 3rd game of the second set is proving to be tough, going into deuce and advantage….we see who takes this game.#USOpenFinal

So finally the 3rd game of the 2nd set has been won and by#Djokovic.As it stands 2:1 in favour of #Nadal number 2 seed.#USOpenFinal

And it’s level now with #Djokovic winning the 4th game in the 2nd set and its 2 game each. #USOpenFinal

‎#Djokovic takes the lead for the 1st time in this set and now leads #Nadal 3 games to 2. #USOpenFinal

This game might end soon in straight sets if #Nadal does not wake up. It’s now 4 games to 2 for #Djokovic. Game on i think. #USOpenFinal

Scores : #Djokovic 4 : #Nadal 3. Maybe he is backing up to make a point in this set. #USOpenFinal

Is #Nadal trying to make a statement? Drawn level at 4 games all with #Djokovic and serving. #USOpenFinal

Back in the lead #Djokovic is 5 games up against #Nadal’s 4 still in the 2nd set. #USOpenFinal

Thank you #vodofone, your internet sucks waa. So happy Airtel internet brought me back online.

So its the 3rd set and alredy its the 8th game on and tied at 4 each btn #Djokovic & #Nadal. 2nd set won by Djokovic, 6:4. #USOpenFinal

‎#Nadal now lead by 5 games to 4 in the 3rd set with #Djokovic on the serve. #USOpenFinal

‎#Djokovic now leads #Nadal by 6 games to 5 in the 3rd set setting the tone right for what i am sure should be the showdown.

‎#Nadal gets to win his 1st set which is the 3rd set and it’s already over 3hrs into the final.

This game is really traveling the mile…come on i’ve gotta be in bed but loving every bit of it.

Aww see that beautiful lady in the white blouse by he corner and enjoying every bit of the final. Lovely Shades to compliment.

‎#Djokovic takes the game to #Nadal and leads 2:0 in the 4th set of the game.

And #Djokovic makes it a 3: 0 over #Nadal with him on the serve.

At this point of the game my eyes are a bit heavy, feeling a bit hungry and thinking of tomorrow and how i have to be up early.

It turns out #Nadal is not ready to go down without a fight. He is down 5 games to 1 in the 4th set to #Djokovic the no.1 seed.

‎#FINALLY the match has been completed and surely the No.1 seed #Djokovic triumphs over #Nadal the No.2 seed. #Djokovic is #USOpen2011 winner.

Some of the stars that graced the final, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Justine Timberlake, Paul Simon, Bradley Cooper, Ben Stiller and many more.

Great tournament by all standard but i hope the covering issue of the center court should be looked at to avoid the reschedules.

Another great grand slam ends and we hope for the very next to enjoy. It’s a great game loved by many. Now the curtains go down.

In a nutshell this is how i was into the Final  and hope you were part of the event. If not then you will have to wait till the next grand slam and be sure to be informed when there is one.

Despite the US Open ending the Rugby World Cup is still on so you can join in also to enjoy the games there. Thank you all for reading and i hope you pass by anytime soon to enjoy more of such notes here on my blog.

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