The Ghana International Trade Fair Center which is the major point for major exhibitions and trade fairs is fast deteriorating at an alarming rate in which if nothing is done to salvage the situation at hand we as a country might not have anything like a center for such occasions in the near future.

Evidence can be noticed when one goes round the Round Pavilion popularly known as Pavilion F. One can quickly see how dilapidated the building is becoming, paints of the walls far washed and dirty, the surrounding of the pavilion very bushy and the least said about the inner pool and eyesore for one to write home about.You could see that the level of our maintenance can be rated very low.
When you come close just by the round pavilion is that of the Pavilion E. The staircase metal strips all rusty and deteriorating.The paints on the wall very dirty, the main space now used for sorting of second shoes and bags, cobwebs everywhere.
One will ask when can such an edifice be utilized wisely, so what it means is that when there is nothing like a fair or an exhibition of any sort then the whole place is left to deteriorate and go to the neglect bin.
What really happins to our maintenace culture then when such huge investment has been put into the errection of such monuments we allow them to go down in ruins overtime.
Another question one should ask also is that isn’t there a management who runs the center? Aren’t they been paid? If they are then what are duties and activities towards the keeping and maintenance the place.
We have only one Ghana International Trade Fair and if we will leave it to go down the drains into ruins then we will al have ourselves to blame. Whoever is in charge or has the duties of over-seeing should stand up and be fast in salvaging on of Ghana’s pride for the next generation to also come to meet what was done when they were not around.
e need Legacies.

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